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Gone to Timbuctoo.jpg
Airline Detective
James Bond The Authorised Biography by John Pearson
Biggles The Authorised Biography (1978)
The Kindness of Dr. Avicenna (1981)


Bluebird and the Dead Lake.jpg
The Persuasion Industry
The Life of Ian Fleming (1966)
Taboo (1967)
The Profession of Violence (1972)
Arena The Story of the Colosseum.jpg
Edward the Rake (1975)
Facades (1978)
Barbara Cartland, A Crusader in Pink (1979)
Stags and Serpents (1983)
The Ultimate Family (1986)
Citadel of the Heart (1991)
Painfully Rich (1995)
Blood Royal (1999)
The Cult of Violence (2001)
The Gamblers (2005)
Notorious: The Immortal Legend of the Kray Twins (2010)