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The Gamblers (2005)

The Gamblers (2005)

The Gamblers follows the fortunes of five men at the centre of the ultra-fashionable Clermont Set: the Clermont Club's eccentric founder John Asplnall; Dominic Elwes, Mark Birley; James Goldsmith; and the infamous Lord 'Lucky' Lucan. Cruel, heartless and snobbish, they gambled with their fortunes and kept a stiff upper lip when they lost. This and a loyalty to each other that transcended everything else enabled them to rise above any crises. This book reveals how their code led to one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century.

In 2013, ITV Studios used 'The Gamblers' to create the 'Lucan' series starring Christopher Eccleston, Rory Kinnear and Michael Gambon.

First publication: July 2005 (Century)

FUN FACT: John is featured as a character in the adaptation 'Lucan' and is played by Paul Freeman of 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' fame!


Click on the Amazon logo for a link to purchase! Available now in hardback, audiobook format and for Kindle

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