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IN Memoriam

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John George Pearson

October 5th 1930 - November 13th 2021

John passed away peacefully at his home in Sussex aged 91. He is already sorely missed by family, friends and fans alike.

Several blogs, fan sites and newspapers released obituaries in the days and weeks that followed. If you wish to have a read, please find the links below:

  • Please note that some of these obituaries are behind a paywall (these are highlighted with an asterisk)

Ian Fleming Publications:

"November 2021 saw the passing of our long-time author, collaborator and friend John Pearson.   He died at the grand age of 91, leaving behind a proud body of work including his defining biographies of both Ian Fleming and James Bond.   As recently as 2020 he published Ian Fleming: The Notes in partnership with Queen Anne Press.   We enjoyed a decades-long partnership with John and will remember him fondly when we revisit and enjoy his wonderful writing."



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