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The Ultimate Family: The Making of the Royal House of Windsor (1986)

The Ultimate Family (1986)

In recent times the British monarchy has become an 'ultimate family' of international superstars. . The process began with Queen Mary's transformation of the family into symbols of middle-class morality, but accelerated greatly with the televising of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation.

Prince Charles's Investiture in 1969 was the springboard of a major PR campaign to provide royalty with a human face and helped shape the contemporary image of the royal family as both 'special' and 'ordinary'.

First publication: 1986 (Michael Joseph Ltd)

FUN FACT: John and Tony Snowdon had been at Cambridge together. In fact Tony used to give John a lift to the Sunday Times on his motorbike!  John joined Tony and Princess Margaret at Kensington Palace for occasional breakfast. 


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