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The Kindness of Dr. Avicenna (1981)

The Kindness of Dr Avicenna

Moreton is the representative in Rome for a London insurance broker who deals at Lloyds of London. Moreton's troubles begin with the appearance of Dr. Avicenna. "Some instinct of self-preservation should have warned me against Dr. Avicenna from the start…how many times since have I cursed myself for getting so easily, so light-heartedly involved with him?"

Avicenna's proposal is for a gigantic insurance policy on a dissolute Italian prince, to include a clause insuring the prince against a kidnap ransom. The subsequent events are exciting, intricate and funny.

First publication: 1981 (Macmillan)

FUN FACT: this book is a particular favourite of John's son, Mark. I'm sure the dedication has nothing to do with it!


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