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Blood Royal: The Story of the Spencers and the Royals (1999)

Blood Royal (1999)

The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, left an indelible mark on the nation. Diana also left her mark on the family of Windsor: her Spencer genes. Blood Royal is the story of the crucial role the Spencer blood will play in the monarchy’s future.

Blood Royal is the story of how the Spencers gained their power, how they used it, and the bitter twist of fate by which they finally achieved their grandest dynastic marriage of all in 1981 – the union of Diana Spencer with Charles Mountbatten Windsor, Prince of Wales.

First publication: 1999 (Harper Collins)

FUN FACT: John's son Mark sat opposite Princess Diana in the First Class lounge of BA in JFK in 1989. When he got up to leave for his flight, the stewardesses said 'isn't she lovely' which mystified Mark, who had not even noticed her.


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