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Biggles: The Authorised Biography (1978)

Biggles The Authorised Biography.jpg

For nearly 100 years James Bigglesworth, D.S.O., D.F.C., M.C., flew the skies. The mythical ace to end all flying aces flew everything from Sopwith Camels to the earliest jets. 

Yet until now Biggles has often been seen as a storybook caricature. A dashed fine chap, certainly, but not the extraordinary man he really was. Here, for the first time, is an insight into the 'real' man who made these adventures possible. In Biggles, his fictional biography, first published in 1978, John unravelled the missing strands in Biggles' life; delving vigorously into subjects that were once taboo.

First publication: 1978 (Sidgwick & Jackson) 

FUN FACT: John wrote this book because of his childhood passion for aircraft. In fact he desperately wanted to be an airplane. His father took him to Croydon Aerodrome to see record-breaking planes before 1939.


Click on the Amazon logo for a link to purchase! Available now in paperback and for Kindle

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