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Self-isolating? Why not read 'The Life of Ian Fleming'?

Bored during self-isolation? We all know reading is a relaxing, fun and rewarding way to while away the hours.

Why not take this time to read one of John's books? I have asked around and one of our favourites at John Pearson UK HQ is 'The Life of Ian Fleming'. This biography is a must-read for any Bond fan.

'The Life of Ian Fleming' provides an intimate insight into the man John worked with on the "Atticus" column and the man behind James Bond. Fleming's legacy is huge; people still enjoy James Bond to this day, even 50+ years after Ian

Fleming's death. I'm always coming across fan fiction, audiobooks, podcasts, fan art, and I have even seen Bond cosplays at conventions.

If you're a speed reader, you could also read 'James Bond: The Authorised Biography'!

In recent news, the new Bond film

'No Time to Die' had its release delayed because of COVID-19 but we cannot wait to see it!

What is your favourite characteristic of James Bond? Is it the gadgets, the ladies, the swagger, his worldliness or the classic Aston Martin? Let us know below!

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