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Licence to Chill (With a Good Book)

All this self-isolation means more time for us all to read! Reading has countless proven benefits. Aside from being cosy and entertaining, sitting down with a good book can prevent cognitive decline, alleviate depression and reduce stress.

Today's book recommendation is 'James Bond: The Authorised Biography'.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the latest Bond film (No Time to Die) has been pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the perfect book for anyone chomping at the bit for their Bond fix! It builds on the famous character created by Ian Fleming. Here you'll discover that James Bond wasn't ever a fictional character and was instead a very real man, alive and well in Bermuda. Expect to be entertained by more details about his early life, time "between jobs" and even a mission involving giant Australian rats!

John's children have very fond childhood memories of sitting around the Sunday lunch table, dreaming up elaborate and ever more thrilling adventures for their favourite secret agent, James Bond.

What is your favourite aspect of James Bond? There are so many to choose from. We all love the gadgets, the villains, the beautiful women and his charm. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a whole new characteristic of our favourite 00 agent after giving this a read!

Buy it here in paperback, hardback, Kindle and Audible formats (perfect for your government-approved daily walk if that's your flavour).

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