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From Ron to John

Ron and Reg would have been 87 today. In honour of this, I thought I'd give you all a treat you never asked for!

It reads:

John Person (sic)

John I think (redacted) must be one of the worst Judas there ever was. He has turned out the most detestable person I have ever known. And Read is pathetic. He has to stoop so low to get a conviction. My coloured boy writes to me a lot. He is verry (sic) nice, I don't know how anyone can have any race prejudice - to me I love him like a son. Bob will be home in 5 weeks' time so you will be able to have a chat with him. He is like my son.

(Redacted) came to see us on Saturday with (redacted). They said they had spoken to you about a film. I bet people think me and Reg are monsters. Why don't you go down to Broadmoor and see my friend (redacted). Dick could take you. Do you think the book will be a good one?


I love finding this sort of thing in the archives - who knows what we will find next?

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